KSJ Consulting Service offers:

Social Enterprise procurement strategies

Specialising in linking Aboriginal enterprises with larger scale private and public projects.  We have a proven track record of helping deliver quality outcomes for projects, as well as building sustainable opportunities for Aboriginal businesses and communities.

Aboriginal Economic participation

We are passionate about increasing the economic participation of Aboriginal people.  We are experienced in building the capacity and capability of Aboriginal businesses, helping Aboriginal people become job-ready, as well as finding employment opportunities on local projects.

Reconciliation Plan development and delivery

Helping organisations develop reconciliation action plans, so organisations can create respectful relationships and meaningful opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Specialising in Aboriginal community and stakeholder engagement.  This includes developing capacity in Aboriginal communities to increase job and business opportunities, planning services to meet Aboriginal community needs, engaging Aboriginal communities in planning and decision-making, as well receiving unique cultural input into large and small projects alike.

Governance Training and support

Providing training and support in developing governance structures, clarifying roles and responsibilities and helping organisations apply a governance framework to their businesses.

Aboriginal workforce engagement and career development

We have a proven track record in designing strategies to get more Aboriginal people in jobs, help support workplaces to increase and retain Aboriginal employees, as well build capacity and focus on whole career development.

Cultural Respect and Immersion Programs

Offering opportunities for people to immerse themselves in Aboriginal culture on country with traditional custodians to enhance understanding and respect of Aboriginal culture, history, and connection to country.

Business advice and analysis

Identifying business needs and work out solutions, improve processes to help add value for stakeholders.

Cultural and Capability Safety Audits

Developing cultural capability within organisations and deliver cultural awareness training.  We can help organisations become aware of cultural diversity and valuing and respecting these differences. We can also help organisations develop a workplace culture where Aboriginal people feel safe and valued.