KSJ was founded by Managing Director, Kiara Johnson in 2019. Kiara has always been extremely passionate and driven to create change for her community through economic activities. As an Aboriginal woman growing up in regional South Australia Kiara experienced firsthand the economic barriers Aboriginal people face and how that create disparity between non Indigenous and Indigenous communities.

KSJ Consulting Service (KSJ) is a 100% Aboriginal owned and managed South Australian business. One of the key elements to the success of KSJ is that we value and maintain our strong relationships with Aboriginal business and Aboriginal language groups across South Australia. Our mission is to empower Aboriginal people, businesses and organisations to become sustainable, highly functional; to be drivers for change.

KSJ has established strong relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders. These stakeholders include South Australian Government, construction and building industry, mining and resources sector. KSJ is recognised for delivering business outcomes of a high standard.

Our team of leading consultants possess the expertise to undertake projects in a culturally appropriate manner, interpreting and understanding the critical factors in line with cross cultural engagement practices. Respectful, authentic, and genuine collaboration with stakeholders is a key to the success of our work.


For all Aboriginal people to achieve self-determination through jobs, business opportunities and living healthy lives.


To support Aboriginal communities and organization’s to develop better social, economic and cultural outcomes.


To develop the capability of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations and communities to create jobs and business opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Our Values

Respecting the history and culture of Aboriginal people is at the centre of everything we do.

Our values represent our commitment to genuine and respectful engagement.

We seek to work with and for organisations and communities who are committed to developing jobs and business opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Representing our community with pride is important as we work to secure positive outcomes for our people.


Our principles reflect our commitment to creating social value by only engaging with stakeholders who employ or create career pathways and business opportunities for aboriginal people.

We are in the business of facilitating effective relationships.

Our relationships are built on a foundation of respect and trust. They are the foundation for achieving positive outcomes and we do this with our clients, communities, businesses and all stakeholders.

We put the interests of Aboriginal people at the centre of everything we do.

These partnerships lead to:

  • Respectful engagement
  • Embracement of cultural diversity
  • Effective advocacy
  • Improved negotiations and outcomes for our clients
  • Empowerment and self-determination for Aboriginal people
  • Building cultural understanding and respect
  • Developing capability for Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people and organisations